AC Le Havre – Youth Intake 2020-21

Youth Intake 2021 – A golden generation…?

As you see from the image below, there appears to be at least one incredible stand out player from this year’s youth intake. Sébastien Briand is a versatile, tough 15-year-old who looks set for the big time, if not with HAC Foot, then with a big team in one of the big leagues. The rest of the players in the youth candidates are suggested to show high potential, but it’s Briand that everyone is talking about.

The robust defensive midfielder can also play in central defence and at right back, providing options for different positions should he find his pathway blocked when coming up through the ranks. After agreeing terms for a senior contract at HAC Foot, he was promoted straight into the Second Team, with U19 football being deemed to be below his level.

If you’re good enough, you’re old enough… When you’re old enough!

His ambitious character is backed up by his hard work rate and teamwork. His reading of the game with regards to his anticipation and marking of opponents belies his tender age, as does his remarkable strength. He truly looks to be incroyable et formidable. Already operating at Ligue 2 level – despite not yet being able to be registered until after his 16th birthday, which comes after the 2021 season has ended – indicates that the future for Briand is likely to be fruitful. The one dark spot against his name is his passing. As such, he was immediately given a personalised training plan to boost his abilities with the ball, in an attempt to make him not just a destroyer but also more of a creator. This will hopefully stand him in good stead when he is able to make his début for the First Team, very possibly in the 2021-22 season.

It is not anticipated that he will be with the club long, and if/when the right offer comes along it will be accepted. In the mean time, everything will be done to ensure the progress of Briand is as smooth as can be. Given his call up to the U20 World Cup not long after signing a professional deal for HAC Foot, I’d like to think this is going to be rather plain sailing.

Time will only tell how he progresses and how fast, but the early signs are very positive for a youth player that could see First Team action very quickly thanks to HAC Foot’s famous academy. It will be fascinating to watch his development as this save plays out.

The below are the other youth academy graduates. I would suggest that there is much promise, but doubt that any of them will deliver upon their potential ability given their current ability judging by their attributes.

The next blog post will be an end of season review of the 2020-21 season.